The Refuge

Today I discuss future plans with Brooke Crowder; Founder and CEO of The Refuge; another non profit organization who is currently under construction in Texas for a 48 bed facility to meet the needs of domestic minor sex trafficked (DMST). We will discuss our programs and how we can assist each other in this journey of healing the abuses to our nation's youth.

Who Switched Off My Brain?

As Spring season is underway we should never forget that crime never takes a holiday. While many will celebrate a new season with Easter, others are still being held captive. Whether physically or under emotional turmoil. We have been training Mentors with Dr. Leaf's book, "Who Switched Off My Brain." What a remarkable study as we learn as much as 87% of our sickness is from our thinking process. We are literally thinking ourselves sick creating our own cancers and other forms of sickness; primarily affecting the heart, immune system, and digestive tract.


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