Spring Retreat

We've received our new Spring Retreat armbands set for Beth Moore Living Proof Live at the end of March! We have a group of 8 going to this marvelous time of worship and to re-focus our mentors' to effectively minister to the community!

Getting to the Root

This resource has become a weapon in our arsenal that has proven to be quite effective in dealing with spiritual warfare. As we unpack the "messy and uncomfortable" side of reconciliation, this book has given great wisdom to the leadership as the prayers are lifted and answered with great power and effectiveness! Praises for God's faithfulness!!!

State Certification

Today we received our certificate from the State of Tennessee! The inscription on the bottom of the certificate reads: "People often pray for the mountain to be moved, but we can help them find the strength to climb the mountain!" I can't express to you how much this means to me and our local community!!!


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