OUR Inheritance

Tonight we begin a new study on our inheritance as Believers in Jesus Christ. This is being taught by video from Beth Moore.

Another Retreat...

We have another summer retreat planned for the local mentors in Hot Springs for July 26-28. We will be addressing how we can better equip ourselves to be "fit" as we pour ourselves out for others. As stated several times, the word recreation can truly only be understood when hypenated: RE- Creation. We must pull ourselves away from the demands of our daily responsibilities to refill our tank.

Faith Lift Women's Retreat

A beautiful spring day to be at a local women's retreat in Raleigh! While at the Beth Moore Conference, I met a young lady at the Leadership series, and she invited us to participate in this event to re-engage a small women's ministry in her church. What a blessing this day was, and we are beginning to reach all areas of the Memphis community!!

So Much to Learn

I clearly had no idea how this product would impact so many lives! That begins with me - not only using the product for an incredible result, but learning the difference between hemp and marijuana. When made illegal in 1937, they simply could not tell the difference between the two plants!! And now the endocannabinoid system (ECS) discovered in our bodies just 30 years ago will change the way MEDICINE is practiced!! Check out this video:

Complete Modality of Care

We have finally incorporated a full spectrum of care to include a physical element! After months of investigation and careful scrutiny by the Board and Executive Director, Zilis has been added to the care because of the myriad of benefits being developed in the medical field. We are fortunate to have found the ONLY product in the Hemp market to deliver 94% absorption, with a Mayo Clinic study to back up all claims! This has been added to assist in achieving our goal of reaching local and global ministry. Every purchase supports Almost Home Retreat, and Zilis also contributes to Vitamin Angel as well as a Patriot Program!! Complete integrity in a field bombarded with confusion and corrup


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