National PTSD Awareness Day

As this month comes to a close, I've been reminded that all wounds do not require bandages. Please give grace, sowing seeds of understanding as we live in this time of pain-filled days. When the opioid crisis gets much press, don't overlook your neighbor or veteran who needs your help and prayers!

Meeting with Bartlett City Schools

Today we began meeting with BCS to incorporate our community work into the school system. This meeting was refreshing, and a huge encouragement as we discovered many pockets of synergy! As our infrastructure is complete, we feel the timing is perfect. We will update on the progress as we make ourselves FAITH!

Greater Galatians MB Church

Another fabulous day at a women's retreat. I've never met a more compassionate, loving group of people! As we work in the local community to establish connections with local churches, we are honored to be able to help these women as they work tirelessly in their local congregations to make a difference!


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