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At Almost Home Retreat we’re raising funds and promoting initiatives to serve the people who need them most. We believe in taking action with urgency in order to raise public awareness about some of the most pressing issues facing today’s society. Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of all those affected by trauma associated with various forms of domestic violence and human trafficking.  Our intention is to educate the community by providing accurate information to prevent further victims.

Our future will also include First Responders/Military who are: First to Serve, First to See, First Silenced.  Many feel forgotten, isolated, and desperately need a voice.  We will also seek to help those affected in the medical community.

The Problem:  Center for Disease Control (CDC) attributes domestic violence as a contributor to our current social challenges. The cycle of violence must have a victim and a victimizer.  We have a social epidemic of domestic violence and human trafficking which "breeds slaves”.  These abuses include manipulating control of another person by emotional, verbal, sexual, financial, or physical harm.  Neglect is also one of the most traumatic forms of all abuses.  We anticipate interrupting the "fear cycle" of supply and demand with healing transformation for both men and women!

The Solution:  We firmly believe an individual is not defined by former bad choices.  At Almost Home Retreat we recognize all humans are “broken.” We’ve been made strong in our broken places, and specialize in Resurrecting Hope, Replacing the Past, Rebuilding a Future.  Restoration begins as we address critical needs physically, mentally, and spiritually bringing safety to the soul.  Resurrecting hope begins as we uproot lies and firmly plant truth. Replacing the past is birthed with the “interior design;” a spiritual transformation.   As participants become restored, they are liberated to rebuild their future. We use Mentors, one on one & group huddles in a relaxed bed and breakfast style retreat setting, Bible study, intentional accountability, employing art, animal, play, and work remedies. Our future includes CSA: (Community Supported Agriculture - organic); and franchise play outlets (“fun brokers”), as recreation is truly understood when hyphenated: RE-creation.  Becoming self sufficient to enhance our community is the goal: beginning locally - thinking globally.


  • As the breakdown occurs in the home, we believe the healing transformation must also occur in a home like setting.  All Mentor training is done in a “bed and breakfast” style retreat.

  • Beginning with themselves, our Mentors become Restored.  By creating a spirit of reciprocity, social change will occur as they pour healing care into others. We believe this is discipleship at its' core!

  • Lynne Barletta’s Power of Art III curriculum has been proven to dramatically improve the problems associated with PTSD caused by sex trafficking. By using "right side brain drawing" and image replacement, the trauma is processed in a new way allowing a healing transformation to begin. This program is mobile and can be taken anywhere to meet the needs of the community.

  • Dr. Caroline Leaf’s "21 Day Brain Detox" and "Who Switched Off My Brain" reorient the Restored to optimum health by making good choices thereby eliminating the toxic thinking patterns.

  • We're working locally to relocate in a more rural setting; currently using homes/retreat facilities to assist. Animal, play and work remedies are being introduced individually as deemed necessary.

  • FUTURE: Community Supported Agriculture (organic) and a greenhouse will be introduced as a means of teaching a work ethic while providing a valuable service to the community.

  • Other developments include franchise play outlets for Almost Home Retreat to be self sufficient, and to vocationally train the Restored to deploy into the community.

Meet The Team

Pamela Conley


Penny Norville

Prayer Director



New Board of Director Chair and Intercessor


Linda McClora Harvey

Board of Director 



Volunteer Community

Mentors, Administration, Prayer Intercessors, Grant Writer

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