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West TN Conference

As we begin the year through the pandemic, training with the area professionals continues. As we are a Certified Recovery Congregation, a roundtable discussion was coordinated with Tennessee Association Alcohol, Drug and Addiction Services, via Zoom. My liaison, Amy Bechtol of the TN Faith-based Initiatives office contacted me urging attendance. We were able to hear from Judge Jimmy Smith, 27th Judicial District Recovery Court, Brannon Powell, Tennessee Project Lifeline Coordinator, Mary Sims, NAMI Tennessee, West Region, Melesa Lassiter, (ROPS) Regional Overdose Prevention Specialist, Justin Johnson, (TSPN) Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network, West Region; Carla Aaron, Obion County Prevention Coalition; Daisy Jabas, (DBSA) Bipolar and Depression Supports Alliance; Donna Whitaker, (PAL) Parents of Addicted Loved Ones; Jason Postlethwait, (CHI) Creating Homes initiative; and Cori Schroeder, DHS, Vocational Rehabilitation. Even though this was a lengthy agenda, these area profesionals and the information that was shared was invaluable! We look forward to working with these individuals in the future.

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